Where to Find Accommodation For the particular Vancouver Olympics

Accommodations intended for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are starting to be able to be scarce. Together with the Olympics just around the corner, individuals are scrambling to discover some place to relax their heads. Presently there are still some possibilities but many come with the pretty hefty value tag. Other extra reasonably priced lodgings will come along with a bit of a commute. Along with the world gonna descend upon Vancouver for the Olympics, Tokyo Olympics Live the right accommodations may be difficult to find in addition to some compromise, either in price or even convenience, will become necessary.

The initial in addition to most obvious cause of accommodations are typically the local Vancouver accommodations. You will find literally plenty of hotels inside the greater Vancouver area. Not almost all of the Olympic activities are being held throughout Vancouver. The downhill skiing will be kept at Whistler and some of typically the other events are usually being held throughout West Vancouver and Richmond, BC.

Most of the admitted hotel chains have a very presence in the greater Vancouver area and lower British Columbia mainland. These hotels include yet are not restricted to the Marriott, the Ramada, the Several Seasons, the Holiday break Inn, Fairmont Resorts as well as the Delta. A new quick search on one of the much better known travel web sites came back with 183 selections for a twelve day stay throughout the Olympics. The high cost is hefty, however. Typically the rooms seemed to start at roughly 550 dollar per night and even many were throughout the $800 per night range.

A lesser expensive form regarding accommodation are property rentals. This approach is the good idea intended for families are larger groups. Many nearby families are willing to profit from the huge number involving people looking for a short term house lease. The advantage associated with a house lease over a motel (aside for price per night) is usually that a residence rental provides you along with a chance to make many of your very own meals. It is usually possible to obtain a 3 master bedroom house cheaper than $1, 000 per night. Split amongst three couples this amounts to $330 every night in addition to represents a fifty percent savings over arranging a hotel.

One more source of low-cost accommodation in Vancouver for the Olympics will be house sharing. Continue to keep in mind that will cheap during the Olympics is relatives. Many people are usually able to rent some sort of room in their home regarding people coming to be able to watch the Olympic Games. Often along with a house discussing arrangement you can get kitchen benefits and perhaps even a few meals. If you are prepared to hard it, some individuals are also offering their couches (couch surfing) or also some room about their floors. The particular best way in order to find house discussing accommodation for your Vancouver Olympics would be to check out electronic bulletin planks. Examples of many of these bulletin boards are Craigslist and Kijji but there will be also much more.

Lodging for the Olympics are becoming tight. Yet , there continue to be options available. In case you are ready to compromise in either comfort, cost or convenience an individual should still have hardly any problems acquiring accommodation for typically the Vancouver Olympic